History of Sound Recording

History of sound recording is full of interesting moments when new technologies enabled engineers and scientist to produce devices with better qualities of sound and manufacture. Here you can find out more about those devices and their storage mediums.


Phonautograph History

It all began with Phonautograph in 1857, a scientific oriented device which had a goal to record changes in air pressure caused by human voice for further analysis. This was all that it took for the start of the sound recording era, in which innovators all around the world fought to create countless other sound recording devices.


Phonograph History

The first real device that enabled user to record and then playback any sound came from the mind of legendary American innovator and scientist Thomas Alva Edison. His contribution to the sound recording industry soon became upgraded by other innovators, eventually upgrading his Phonograph design to the point where gramophone became accepted in entire world.

First Gramophone

Gramophone History

The most influential sound recording and reproducing device of all time is without a doubt a gramophone. Here you can find out more about its history and the way it came into the popularity in the environment filled with similar devices.

Magnetic Tape Record

Magnetic Recording History

Advancements in the fields of electricity and magnetism enabled scientist and physicist to create new way of storing and reproducing sound data – magnetic records. Here you can find out more about this interesting technology and its use from the last days of 19th century all up to today.

Multitrack Recording

Multitrack Recording History

As the technology of magnetic recording became more and more sophisticated, German scientist managed to produce first multichannel sound recording device that relied on the process of magnetism. This soon enabled both professionals and ordinary users to experience multi-channeled sound which greatly improved listening experience.

CD Recording

Digital Recording History

Rise of the computer technology enabled the scientist and technicians to create sound reproducing and recording devices that used digital storage mediums. This enabled users to gain access to incredibly accurate sound quality in small storage mediums of their choice, and start new age of digital era that is fueled by internet and portable devices.

Dictaphone Cylinder

Dictaphone History

Early days of sound recorders had many technical imperfections and limitations, but even then the allure of personal recording device was appealing to the mass public. This need gave birth to first Dictaphone devices in early 1900s, and ever since then their popularity and technical abilities continued to grow.

Gramophone Box